Import export of used tires



Import export of used tires

Who are we ?

Our company has a worldwide import and export tire center.

We take all those that are recoverable, used tires, loose tires, those that are still in working order and then resell them all over the world.

Professionals in the field, we collaborate with tire dealers, car garages and service stations.

We have quality products and services working with renowned suppliers.

How does it work?

We sell wholesalers to new and used tire dealers and automotive companies around the world.

As an import export tires, we are looking for the best quality tires. The goal is to be able to permanently supply tires for all types of vehicles. All used tires we buy are inspected and certified by Aliapur.

A well-chosen and maintained tire can greatly contribute to safety, fuel economy, while providing greater comfort and better ride quality.

A very selective distribution system

Our showrooms feature over a hundred tire brands available in a wide range of styles, construction and prices

Before selling, each tire is inspected individually to meet your requirements. You can inspect our used tires before buying them.

We stock and distribute all tire sizes worldwide through our extensive network of companies specializing in road transport and container logistics.

Our customers are distributors or assemblers who specialize in quality used tires.

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