Used Tire Lot

Regarding the tire, to avoid waste, choosing a good quality tire at the best price is essential. To enable a wide range of products, wholesalers offer used tire lot products. From various brands and from various countries, Recycle Tires provides its customers with tires that meet their needs.

Used tires of better quality

To build customer loyalty and to offer high quality products, used tires sold by Recycle Pneus all go through a thorough examination to check their condition at Aliapur. This step consists in directly checking the products according to the standards.

With the right equipment, efficient equipment and trained personnel, the checks carried out are certified. Whether it is a car tire or truck tires, each customer will have the privilege of choosing the product that meets their demand.

These are all second-hand tires of various brands to know as much of Michelin, Continental, Bridgestone as tires of entry-level brands. The level of tire wear does not exceed 30%, which provides buyers with a durable and reliable used tire.


Opt for a used tire lot

Now, Recycle Tires makes it easy for wholesalers to buy good quality used tires at a low price. To do this, the products are sold in batches. Standard tires are grouped as a quota.

The products in the same lot are a mixture of tires of different sizes, this allows to offer buyers a wide range of products. Thanks to this used tire lot system, tires are sold at low prices, ensuring wholesalers sell cheaper and retain customers.

And to take advantage of this price advantage, it is better to buy 100% of the quota offered by Recycle Tires.


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